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Scentsy is a United States-based multi-level marketing company that sells scented products including wax warmers.

As with many multi-level companies, people who join them don't recover their money, Scentsy is one of them as stated in the following article on, "The only good news for Scentsy is that it's a legit MLM business opportunity where you can make money. However, the majority of the people who join Scentsy failed to even recover what they've invested. Product-wise, they use a lot of synthetic/artificial ingredients yet they claim that their products are all-natural."


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Former Employee - Department Manager says

"Too many changes from the top down and no consistency in rules and requirements."

Consultant says

"Upline's answer is to push parties to unwilling family/friends. Way too many Consultants Company allows consultants to poach clients Very strict rules for selling on social media"

Current Employee - Certified Scentsy Consultant says

"Steal hostess rewards over 90 days."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"HR is rather rude and not very personable to employees. 10 hour shifts hours are ridiculous (4-2:30 am) "Climate controlled" haha"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Working at Scentsy was like walking into a strange alternative world every day. From the outside it looks normal, but looking from within, there is awkward feeling of forced happiness. The products are ok and the owners ideology as a result of their personal religious association is certainly reflected in many of the companies actions. The company is poorly managed and employees are treated poorly due to instituting insufficient leadership and providing no structure to improve on any shortcomings or performance issues. It’s basically a revolving door. I can honestly say it was the worst job I ever had and experienced PTSD type symptoms for a long time afterwards based on my experience as a whole there."

Former Employee - Consultant Support Representative says

"We strive to continuously improve and your feedback provides us with an opportunity to do so. Scentsy prides itself on following our core values and creating a positive environment. We are sorry that you had a poor experience with one of our leaders. Scentsy has programs in place to report harassment, as well as to proactively prevent, recognize, and address harassment. We have a solid open door policy where employees are encouraged to talk with managers, directors, HR or even our founders with concerns. All of our leaders take mandatory harassment and discrimination training annually. We also offer several leadership courses to educate and enhance their overall leadership skills. We understand that our leaders come with various levels of experience and skillset. The HR department thoroughly investigates all harassment claims and works with our business partners to determine appropriate actions. There are several factors involved in an investigation which may include multiple discussions, viewpoints, and levels of involvement. The investigations and outcomes are kept confidential and any disciplinary action taken would never be discussed or shared with others in order to maintain confidentiality. With you providing a log only upon your departure, it may have restricted the investigation process. Our hope is to always be proactive and address issues as they surface rather than allowing them to fester over time, cause disgruntlement, or even departure. We strive for Scentsy to be the best place to work and recently we have been recognized by Forbes and the Direct Selling Association as such. However, we know that improving is a continual process. Our hope is that by continuing to focus on our employees and their needs, we will continue to make a difference and grow."

Current Employee - Consultanr Support says

"Typical call center which is hard work, however compared to other call centers that have similar work and benefits the pay is very low and raises are rare. If you do manage to get a raise the amounts are also very low, No matter how hard you work. Lots of office politics, favorites and cliques."

Slave (Former Employee) says

"Evil people will lie about you if they dislike the way you look and feed their lies to stupid supervisors who will then punish you by driving you out of the company. Token minority appointments in to higher positions; white privilege dominates. Disgusting, toxic, horrid, corrupt company. One of the worst experiences of my life. Avoid at all costs!"

Independent Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The girl I signed up under had me place a last order thru her, than I was able to sign up and join scentsy. I don't think that is fair to me at all. If I would have known she was gonna treat me like that and then never answer any of my calls and then move to Florida on me I would have never joined under her."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I did not enjoy working for Scentsy, Was the worst job. My boss did not show me the right steps, i was miss-informed on almost everything and when things where ordered, it took too longCool WarmersBad manegment"

Warehouse Operator (Former Employee) says

"Do not work here. This company does not reward hard work and only rewards those who have a fake smile. If you wish to advance and have a stress free work place do not go here. You will regret it if you doNoneExtremely poor management"

Independent Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Scentsy is a direct sales to customer experience. This company promises that you will make more money when you reach certain sales milestones. Avoid this pyramid scheme because everyone is selling this product, it lasts a long time, people already have numerous consultants and the prices are continuously growing and considered rip offs. Lastly, this company doesn't care if your mother has terminal cancer and unable to make your 3 month $$$ quota they care about profits not people and recommend selling something else than this product.Interacting with peopleEverything"

Certified Independent Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed the independent sales and the product was a wonderful product, but sales in my area was not always easy to make my desired sale per month. Found it difficult to meet my desired sales per month.Independent salesSales in area was maxed out quickly, no repeat sale found."

Packer and Picker (Current Employee) says

"The warehouse is horrible. Some supervisors are womanizers. They ask their employees out. They stare at women up and down . Some holler at you like you are a child. They will lie about orders needed. So you can meet over the quote. They give us hard working employees $60-80 bonus and tell them be thankful we gave it . We could have gave it to the less fortunate. If you come in as temp . they May lay you off by Christmas. ."

Manufacturing Operator (Former Employee) says

"The management just stare at you while you're working and hardly come over to offer help. The coworkers don't talk to each other, there is no chemistry there. You'd be lucky to get someone who is willing to have a conversation with you. Everyone seems angry and the management is part to blame...they make you feel like slaves who aren't even worthy of a bathroom break."

Picking/Packing (Former Employee) says

"I was a temp at this company. And I was singled out I because I didn’t kiss their butt so they didn’t like me . Almost everyone there is fake af. Unless you kiss butt they are gonna leave you in one placePayEverything else"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Currently would not recommend this company to my worst enemy, too much favoritism, hot working conditions, non qualified managers, total lack of attention.M-f, good insurance, some additional paid time off during the yearUnprepared management, lazy supervisors lots of pressure? Nothing is ever correct or quick enough"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Over 50% of the employees in the Marketing & Creative Department have left the company in the past year. This department treats their employees badly! Toxic workplace culture and disrespectful managers. It's like high school — but worse because these people are in their 40s."

Inventory Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst company I have ever worked for. they treat their employees with disrespect, they work them like dogs and then reward them with a pizza party. the management at the Lexington Hub was awful and nobody and management would listen to us when we was voiced our concerns. and their products are cheap."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"If you fit in, you fit. Unfortunately I didn't. The nepotism was sad to see, people you knew shouldn't be in a positions were. Positive feedback was a joke."

Shipping Operator (Former Employee) says

"HR is rude and unpersonable to employees Hours can sometimes be ridiculous Management is unorganized and most of them are underqualified for their position Only way to move up is to know someone of to get cozy to the right personNoneGetting caught up in their "values" that don't exist"

Picker/Packer (Current Employee) says

"Bully management Entertain childish work behaviors without stopping it Choose favorites and give hard times to who they choose to team up on Management first shift"

Shipping Operator (Former Employee) says

"It was like going back to high school. I personally didn't enjoy the drama and games. I go to work to do work, not get sucked into a circus. It is a very versatile workplace.Family and employee eventsHarassment"

project manager (Former Employee) says

"Lots of disgruntled folks, for lots of good reasons. By far the most dysfunctional work environment I've ever experienced.Pay and benefits and facilitiesThe company lacks an understanding of process from top to bottom. Dysfunctional office environment."

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"The Shout Dowan the warehouse at the end of the year and they again arrange worker for the business. The company should purchase a warehouse as they need only a place to mobilize the order."

SuperStar Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Too many consultants. They allowed everyone and anyone to apply. The area was flooded with consultants. There was no help from home office. If you didn't sell a set amount you were let go"

Retail Sales (Former Employee) says

"I got fired because my shirt was up and I didn’t know and I was asked to go home by the manager. I really don’t know the story behind but I didn’t make a fuss I just said okay and left.Friendly co workeraShort breaks"

Gem says

"Been waiting nearly a month for a refund when my item got delivered to a shop that I could not get too, without any efforts of delivery being made to the address I paid 6.50 for!!!!!!! Appauling. The item got automatically returned. I emailed and emailed. Eventually got a response stating I would have the money refunded. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! DESPITE SENDING MORE EMAILS!!!"

Terence Gibson says

"Could not believe the delivery price for a replacement £2.50 pygmy bulb. Delivery £6.50"

Cyber blaze says

"Wax not the same as it use to be. The wax bars are rubbish !!! I guess with higher shipping cost they had to cut cost of there over priced products as well. I’ve been buying Scentsy for 5 years now. And I won’t be buying any more. Now that supermarket wax is cheaper and last longer. Scentsations from Asda so much better. Scentsy are making the warmers cheap and they are getting smaller. Such a shame. All MLM are the same over priced crap. Recruiting the vulnerable mums makes me sad."

Toodles says

"Joined Scentsy as a consultant in the UK, during the pandemic to earn some extra cash. Soon became apparent that the market was very heavily saturated, that I was not 'my own boss' and that as well as the start up fee, there is a monthly website fee and I would need to pay for my own costs, customer samples, stationary, fuel for delivering locally, postage perks for customers (to keep them happy!) etc. Although you could make a little money without recruiting others, it's VERY unlikely and I was soon subjected to daily reminders to recruit 'teamies' for the benefit of my up line and their upline and so on. It becomes clear very early on that you are just a sales person for them, and not your own boss at all. You have to post on social media regularly, you have to watch what you do or say on your own social media accounts and there are eyes everywhere pretending to 'cheerlead' you, when really, they are spying on you to ensure legal compliance. The consultants are the best customers for all the wrong reasons. Save your money and your precious time and avoid their overpriced, unethical products. MLM=Mums Losing Money"

Gosia Bittel-Loforese says

"Wax Melts don’t smell for long maybe an hour if you like. Wast of money. Go and buy somewhere else. I always been buying vanilla but my recent purchase don’t smell at all.
Won’t buy from them never again, despite been using their products for over 2 years"

Ryan Osborne says

"My wife is a consultant, she puts everything into this and when ever she puts orders in, she has to queue to get onto the web page then when she's finally in after all that stress, half of everything is out of stock!
I've seen my wife get so stressed and angry and I worry for her mental health, yet she just won't stop. A company making more than just money."

Bpgf says

"You think the sale of wax melts would be lovely, until you're on Facebook and there are 100+ people trying to sell you the exact same product for the exact same price on every post on every group.
If they are not trying to sell to you, they are trying to recruit you! It is a disgustingly predatory sales tactic and should be shamed along with all the others."

Katie Bogue says

"Appalled at the service from scentsy.

UPS delivered my item and left the parcel in the rain saturating the box and a very expensive warmer inside.

I send pictures to the consultant who advices me labels had been sent for me to print out and return the box at the nearest UPS point.

That would be pretty simple .. however I have no printer, the original boxes are now mush, we are in the middle of a UK lockdown where "non essential" travel is not permitted. No printing facilities are open, no shops that sell boxes big enough are open (providing I can even find the right size)

They want me to travel to 3 shops putting myself and others at risk to return a parcel.

Which is going to cost me more money!

For the sake of claiming thier money back letting me throw away the clearly damaged item (water in the light bulb damaged) and sending a replacement!

Words cannot begin to describe how angry I am!"

Alivia says

"Tiffanie Rejent in Elyria, OH told me I had to pay her by Venmo for a pre order that I would get in September. Never got it & so far Scentsy is doing nothing. Filed a FTC & police report against her; waiting to see if anything comes of it."


"Bought a plug in wax melt diffuser, lasted 1 week, had a replacement, that last a few weeks before it stopped working, spoke to the agent and apparently they will not refund!!! Will now go to trading standards as not fit for purpose, a hassle icould do without! Cheap rubbish, steer clear!" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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